Cadillac CT5 order guide

The dealer order guide is now available! I’m going to read through all the information here – lots of info. Until the CT5 configurator is up on the official Cadillac site, this is the best resource to figure out ordering for the CT5.


I believe this is the first time we are hearing of the CT5 Platinum Package. Cadillac recently (and quietly, without a press release!) added a Platinum Package to the XT6 dealer order guide, so I figured a CT5 Platinum Package was coming. Previously, Platinum was a Cadillac trim level on other models, rather than an option package that can be added on to a trim level. This is a recent change for Cadillac that started with the XT6.

Here is a clip of the details from the appropriate page on the order guide:

Only two paint colors are standard: Black Raven and Summit White. Not really a fan of needing to pay for all other colors, although I guess the cost is not much when you amortize it over a lease or finance payment.

didnt know the sport has different tail lights, thats news to me, says right in the order guide that the sport has standard a different LED tail light

Good eye, I didn’t notice that! Anyone have pictures to compare the two different tail lights? I’m not exactly sure what the difference looks like.

I’m pinning this to the top of the ordering subforum for quick reference.