Cadillac CT5 vs. CT4

Now that we know some initial details about the CT4, is anyone considering buying or leasing a CT4 instead of a CT5?

The CT4 is essentially an updated ATS, and that’s not a bad thing in my book. The ATS already had some of the best steering in class, and simply needed better infotainment, gauges, and a few other niggles to capture more interest from buyers in that segment.

I’m sure one of the automotive sites or magazines will run a comparison test of the CT4 vs. CT5, but in the meantime, what is everyone’s thoughts on the two?

After some digging by Hagerty, the publication uncovered details that suggest the “new” CT4-V shares a lot in common architecturally with the outgoing ATS. The ATS’s 109.3-inch wheelbase is identical to the CT4’s. The 60.3-inch front and 61.7-inch rear tracks are identical, too. The notable dimensions that separate the CT4 from the ATS are the length, height, width, and weight; the CT4 is four inches longer, an inch taller, an inch narrower, and 86 pounds (39 kilograms) heavier. And of course, the powertrain is different.

I already have an ATS-V. The CT4-V would be a step backwards for me in power. I’m holding out for a CT5-V Blackwing.

The fancy expensive Cadillac Cue infotainment system in my 2016 ATS-V has gone TU. The touch screen doesn’t work most of the time. It changes stuff on its own. I thought it was a software problem but when I called the dealer service rep, he said it was a radio problem and the whole thing would have to be replaced. Cost would be between $1500-$2000.
Since I plan to get a 2020 CT5 V blackwing I’m going to live with it

Anybody else have a similar problem?

I don’t have an ATS, but I’m sure many of the first owners here are going to be coming from an ATS, once we have some CT5 owners posting here.

On your problem, my two cents is have another dealer look at it or go back to the dealer you bought the car from and ask if they can process a “goodwill” repair. The infotainment system should not be broken so soon into ownership – that’s clearly a design or manufacturing fault that should be on Cadillac, not you.

Thanks for the response. I’ve about decided to just live with it and let the dealer/ new owner deal with it because I plan to trade it in for a 2020 CT5 -V Blackwing. The Bluetooth function works and I can listen to internet music or internet radio. The car has its own WiFi which is handy in that regard.

The own car WiFi is definitely a handy feature. The CT5 order guide released today confirms that all trim levels of the CT5 include the hardware to be 4G LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot capable.

I’m hopeful we have details on the CT5-V Blackwing soon enough.

I’ve never valued the car WiFi feature because I always have my smartphone to look things up…I guess it’s more useful for some people?

  • Both the CT5-V and CT4-V are designed on the Alpha RWD platform
  • CT4-V with rear-wheel-drive has a limited-slip differential and Magnetic Ride control, while all-wheel-drive versions of CT4-V have ZF passive dampers. Meanwhile, the CT5-V features an electronic limited slip differential with Magnetic Ride control standard on all cars.
  • CT4-V is 6.6" shorter than the CT5-V
  • CT4-V weighs 360 lbs less than the CT5-V
  • Interestingly, both have about the same amount of room upfront, while the CT5-V offers an additional 4" to back seat passengers.
  • CT5-V has 19" wheels, while CT4-V has 18" wheels
  • Pricing difference remains to be seen