CT5-V reveal thread


Anyone have a link to a recording of the reveal? I heard there was a live stream, but I missed it.


Anyone else disappointed by these numbers? I was expecting much more.


2.7L 320hp 4 cylinder in the CT4-V
3.0L 355hp 6 cylinder in the CT5-V

Cars are on sale early 2020. Anyone know when we can place orders?

Vehicle highlights
CT5-V — The first-ever CT5-V builds on the precision-focused details of the all-new luxury sedan introduced earlier this year to offer elevated road performance and an engaging driving experience.

  • Powered by Cadillac’s high-output 3.0L Twin Turbo V-6 engine, which uses low-inertia turbochargers to enhance power production across the rpm band. It is rated at a Cadillac-estimated 355 horsepower (265 kW), pending SAE certification.
  • 10-speed automatic transmission.
  • Electronic limited-slip rear differential.
  • Standard RWD and available AWD.
  • V-Series performance chassis with Magnetic Ride Control 4.0.
  • Performance Traction Management.
  • Vehicle Control Mode with customizable V-Mode.
  • Brembo front braking system.
  • 19-inch wheels and summer-only performance tires2 (all-season tires available with AWD).
  • Dark exterior accents and V-Series mesh grilles; unique rear diffuser and quad exhaust tips.
  • Super Cruise1 available.
  • Unique performance persona instrument cluster and V-Mode steering wheel control.


I was very disappointed with the low power of the CT5V. I started looking at German cars and Asian cars. Then Cadillac put out the word that there will be higher power V models coming. I hope so. My 2016 ATS -V has more power than either of the new wimps. I’m hoping for a 600 hp CT5-V+ or whatever they decide to call it.


Oh, not that it matters, but my interest in power is not for speed. It’s for acceleration. When entering an interstate highway or if I need to get out of someone’s way, it’s a comfort to have that power available.


Mark me as the third person disappointed here. I think we were all expecting a real fire breather that would top the already incredible performance we have come to expect from Cadillac V models.

Is GM exiting the horsepower race? I’ve read the reason for the lower power V model is because GM is making V the entry performance model, with a higher performance CT5 and CT4 on the way. What’s motivating this seemingly incomprehensible change is there is a lot of profit to be made on adding a V model to all the CUV and SUV models – XT6-V, XT5-V, etc – and so moving the real performance to another trim allows Cadillac to use the V name on the SUVs.

Also, notice how pretty much every media report on the CT5-V is negative, and this is before anyone has driven it. The negative press is already coloring how the media and consumers view the car, and it’s more likely the first drive reviews will be negative as a result. We are witnessing a masterclass on how not to launch a new car. GM’s media division needed another approach to introduce this car.


It’s a comfort to have that power available…and it’s also fun to blow the doors off anything else on an on-ramp. :smile:


Indeed. I can do that with my ATS-V.


Apparently all that power “intimidated” people, according to today’s report from Jalopnik and Automotive News. I’m not intimidated by a high-power car and am eagerly awaiting more details on the hotter V cars that are supposed to be coming soon.

“There was, frankly, some people who were intimidated by the cars,” GM President Mark Reuss said after unveiling the cars last week. “When we did a V series, they were hammers. … There’s some intimidation there.” […]

Reuss, who oversees Cadillac, said the company is not worried about diluting the V-series name with a lower-performance V-series model because the brand has “established” itself over the last 15 years.


Reduce HP because people are intimidated? That’s like What a burger saying “we are stopping putting jalapeños on hamburgers because some people are intimidated by jalapeños”. If you don’t like jalapeños, don’t put them on your burger.

If people are intimidated by high power, they should not by a high powered car.

This the best excuse that a GM manager can find?

Give me a break.


I don’t know how GM could possibly bungle this media launch any more than it has. The hotter versions need to be shown soon or potential CT5 buyers will lose interest.


Indeed. I had already started looking at German cars. My problem, in that regard, is that there is not a Mercedes dealer in my town. I don’t want to have to drive to Dallas to get to a dealer. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping Cadillac comes their senses.


Today’s news brings a rumor that the higher power versions will be called CT5 Blackwing and CT4 Blackwing. That nomenclature reminds me of Mercedes-AMG Black Series, which is not a bad thing, especially if the cars have the horsepower to compete. That is, if their buyers are not intimidated by all that power. :smile: Dear lord


Cadillac aims V-Series at women spooked by power

I can’t make this up.

But the CT4-V and CT5-V will be tamer – and cheaper, Cadillac says.

And that’s on purpose. The company wants the V-Series to appeal to buyers spooked by the idea of a car that can chew up a racetrack.

For the CT4-V, that means a 320-hp 2.7-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine. The CT5-V gets a 355-hp, 3.0-litre twin turbo V-6 (which will also be available on the CT5’s Premium Luxury and Sport versions).

That’s plenty of power – but it’s not track-ready.

“It broadens the audience a bit,” said Deborah Wahl, Cadillac’s chief marketing officer “It will really appeal to women as well – and women are 50 per cent of the market.”